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Investing in radio advertising can effectively promote your product or service in a memorable and compelling way.
Radio commercials grab listeners ears and gives your business an opportunity to market your business over and over again.


Why Use Radio ?
With a reasonable price tag and ability to reach a large number of people make it highly effective and a firm favourite with a broad range of companies who are looking to increase profits and raise awareness.

People listen to radio on a daily basis. In their homes, work and whilst driving which makes it a great way to reach a mass amount of people.
Apart from television most forms of marketing media can not claim to achieve this while radio commercials can do this successfully at a fraction of the cost.

Industry research shows that listeners are far more likely to consider and act on a message heard on their local radio station compared to a regional or national one – this means we can help drive more visits to your business.

Radio is a friend. People use radio for companionship, comfort and emotional support which leads to listeners developing a relationship with their radio.
This places the advertiser in the unique position of becoming a “personal recommendation from a good friend”


Radio sponsorship offers the chance to utilize a low entry cost per credit and provides a base awareness .
Production and tags are included in the cost and can also be used to support an advertising campaign.
These average around 13 words and can be changed throughout the campaign if and when needed.

We have a range of on-air and website advertising options.

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